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Web System Development

Our team specializes in providing web system development and customization to fit your specific needs.
We believe that up-front design and prototypes are the most important parts in the development life cycle.
We work closely with you to gather requirement information and build system mock-ups to help you visualise the final product before we actually code!
We built a tournament / competition management system for a non-governmental organization in Hong Kong. The system automates the generation of group stage, knockout tournament tree and assignment of match schedules. With the use of AI technology, the system can produce knockout tree in just a few seconds including features like seed player location calculation and position assignment.
Produce team roster in real time. Allow front-line managers to schedule employees with tablets. All data stored in the web system is synchronized to the employee's mobile phone via the PinShift mobile app.
Matching Platform
Public facing front-end website + Backend matching management. Allow public users to register accounts, verify their identities and find matching service providers. System administrators manage the requests made and schedule time with the service provider with the back-end system.

Our Approach

We work closely with clients to provide responsive and professional advice during the development process
We LISTEN. We understand your current business operation like a part of your team. We carefully research and seek for the best solution for you.
We know that early user feedback is important to help you visualize the system-to-be. System prototypes and mock-ups are well-prepared to demonstrate the future system workflow.
Our code crafters provide top-quality and high-performing solutions that allow your applications to scale when needed. And we always deliver ON-TIME!
Long-term Support
We value our relationship with clients. We provide active system support after deployment and monitor the system for you to ensure your operation will not be interrupted.