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Mobile App Development
(Native iOS & Android)

Portable solutions are essential in the era of Internet and mobile devices.
Mobile solutions can deliver more than you expected.
We code in native Android and iOS so that we can do more, and functions are customizable based on your specific needs.
More than 80k registered app users. We compare 13,000+ products among major supermarkets in Hong Kong. Provide price trend analysis to predict the future price level.
Use your phone screen as LED lighting in concerts in an environmentally-friendly way. Synchronized more than 4,000 phone screens instantly at the Mr. Everyone Concert 10 in Hong Kong Coliseum on 17, 18 May 2019.
iBeacon technology enabled the application to accurately capture the user's current location for employee attendance monitoring. Roster and timeclock enquiry and push notification as reminders.

Our Approach

We work closely with clients to provide responsive and professional advice during the development process
We LISTEN. We understand your current business operation like a part of your team. We carefully research and seek for the best solution for you.
We know that early user feedback is important to help you visualize the system-to-be. System prototypes and mock-ups are well-prepared to demonstrate the future system workflow.
Our code crafters provide top-quality and high-performing solutions that allow your applications to scale when needed. And we always deliver ON-TIME!
Long-term Support
We value our relationship with clients. We provide active system support after deployment and monitor the system for you to ensure your operation will not be interrupted.