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慳D啦超市格價平台|Handylah Grocery Price Watch

- Compare more than 13,000 products among major supermakets

- Provide price trend analysis to predict future price level

- Allow users to set target price of their favorite products and trigger alerts

- more than 50k downloads in the first year

Technology Used:
iOS: Swift
Android: Java
Backend: PHP, MySql

Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Handylah (慳D啦) - Grocery Price Watch

ShowWhat - Concert LED lighting on your smart phone

Use your phone screen as LED lighting in concerts
In a environmental friendly way

Synchronize more than 4,000 phone screens instantly at the Mr. Everyone Concert 10 in Hong Kong Coliseum on 17, 18 May 2019

Mobile App (iOS, Android)

ShowWhat - Concert LED lighting on smart phones

All In One - Music Tutor Matching System

- A public accessible website for students or tutors to register into a database.
- A web portal to manage student appointment with tutors.

Technology Used:
PHP, MySql, Apache, Ubuntu

Website and Portal

Music Tutor Matching and Management System

iOS App for Smart Glass

Mobile App to control Bluetooth device connected to the smart phone

Technology Used:

Mobile App (iOS)

IOT Solution for Smart Glass

煮咗未 Cookjormai - Translatable Canto Recipe for domestic helpers

- Search Canto recipes and steps to cook
- Instant translate and share to domestic helpers in their native language

Technology Used:
Java, Firebase

Mobile App (Android)

CookJorMaid - Translatable Canto Recipe for Domestic Helpers

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